To Gel Polish or Not To?

Here’s my take on gel polish manicures…it takes a toll on your nails and skin. How? Let’s talk skin first. Most nail salons use a UV light to set the gel polish and we all know by now UV rays are damaging to the skin. If you get gel polish done regularly, you will eventually see signs of skin damage on your hands. Not pretty. Secondly, to remove the gel polish your fingers have to soak in acetone which leaves your skin ultra-dry and nails brittle.

Savvy Solutions: Ask if your salon uses an LED light machine to set polish and if they don’t then bring a UVA/UVB sunscreen with you and apply on fingers and tops of your hands before sticking your paws in the light. Better yet, forego the gel polish and buy a fun color for yourself. This way you own the polish and can touch up at home if chippidge should occur.

Try Essie’s 2012 summer collection colors in fun names like “bikini so teeny” or “off the shoulder”.