Are You Focusing on the Wrong Social Media?

Are You Focusing on the Wrong Social Media?

I’m just like you, if you’re a blogger. Most of us are doing everything. It’s especially tough to keep up on social media let alone create content for our blogs or YouTube channel. We’re a one woman (or man) show until you can afford to hire full-time help. From being the writer, editor, creative director, graphic designer, marketer and a myriad of other roles it often feels, at least for me, like I’m on a hamster wheel.

Luckily I’ve nailed down my blogging schedule but what about social media? Let’s chat about this ubiquitous frontier that we put so much emphasis on. I’ve written a couple of posts specifically about Instagram like how to create a cohesive Instagram feed HERE and how avoid getting shadowbanned on Instagram HERE.

For bloggers, especially fashion and beauty, it appears all eyes are on Instagram. But are they? I used to have fun with Instagram before I started using it as an extension of my blog. Recently, I’ve been feeling a little “over” Instagram. I don’t post everyday like I should and I’m tired of trying to play around with my feed in a different app to see if it looks cohesive.

It’s harder to gain new followers and keep up engagement with Instagram’s new algorithm. We do so many things to garner engagement from comment groups, International giveaways, and just plain ‘ol time spent engaging with others on Insta. Then there’s the question of keeping your account personal, it keeps engagement higher. Or switch to business with lower engagement but the use of insights and other features. Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure is.

According to my Google Analytics, my top social media source for blog readers is through Facebook. Go figure. Pinterest is also a big player in directing traffic to my blog. So the two social platforms that I barely utilize are the highest in referring new eyeballs to my blog posts.

What does this mean? It means share the love where the love is given. It also means that I don’t need to get all crazy with the minutiae of my Instagram feed. Obviously this doesn’t apply to bloggers who only have Instagram and no other social platforms, I find this to be rare.

My point is to check your analytics on a weekly or monthly basis and see where your traffic is coming from. This will help in deciding where to spend time via social media to promote your content. Remember your blog is yours. You own it. Social media can change and get finicky so make sure to get people to subscribe to your blog and send out that newsletter every week, every other week or once a month.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comments below or if you have questions regarding this topic. Thanks for stopping by and please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, form is below. XO, M

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  • Tiffany Williams

    Love these tips!!! I feel like every blogger is different when it comes to social media, but I have heard that Facebook is a huge traffic driver. I feel like I am still playing around with everything and trying to figure out what’s best for my brand. It’s hard, because I am low key over social media… but I know it helps in so many ways to get people to go to my site. Blogger life!!! Trying to figure everything out is so hard sometimes.

    • Thanks Tiff for your comment! It’s good to experiment and see where traffic comes from, it might surprise ya 😉 xo, M

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Really good tips here. Thank you for sharing.

  • Tanya Salemme

    This is great!!
    I am trying to first figure out Google Analytics ughhhhhh. But from what I do know, I am in the same boat with you. My blog is everywhere (as in on all my social accounts) but I think instagram is on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to driving traffic to my site. And for some reason, my Pinterest gets hardly any engagement and drives some traffic to my site … but I will figure it out! It is all very overwhelming at times, but that is the life of us bloggers 😉

    • It’s crazy to see where traffic comes from and surprising, right? I would experiment with Pinterest more and see what happens, xo

  • I find that Pinterest is great for generating traffic

    • I know, it’s crazy how much it drives traffic. I need to focus more on my Pinterest.

  • “Your blog is yours. You own it.” This is soooo true and definitely something we always need to put effort in! Thanks for sharing such insightful tips and reminding me where to spend my time and energy!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    • Aww thanks Molly for your comment. I’m just here to help 🙂

  • My main focus used to be just instagram, so I’ve been branching out trying to use all different social media accounts. And it’s been working because I’ve checked my analytic and my views are coming from all of my social sites, which is great!


    • Oh good Linda! It’s definitely worth experimenting with other platforms to see where your traffic hits the most.

  • Tiffany Schmoyer

    I have been using Facebook a lot more lately! Always a good idea to have a reign on all platforms rather than putting all efforts in one place!! Social media is a funny thing, with all of the changes I have been just keeping my goals my number one focus and saying screw it when it comes to backing down with all of these changes 🙂

    • I need to get on my FB more too. Social media is funny and I’m with you, I just stay focused on my goals as well.

  • oh how funny, I just took this exact picture in Palm Springs! Those lips are too good. Back to the topic at hand: I LOVE posts like these! The social media world is an interesting one. I love instagram, I really do, but it’s getting to be that time that there will be something else… I just don’t think it’s been invented yet. Instagram is already on it’s 5th year so there will def be something… I think? I actually get most of my traffic from Instagram but I think i’s because it’s just where I am the most active! I am trying to get better at Pinterest though. ok sorry for the long comment, I can get to ramblin’!! xx Shannon ||

    • Gotta love those lip prints 🙂 So happy to hear you love this post. I just like to share information that might help others. And you’re right, we never know what “new” social media platform will be the next big thing.