How to Get out of a Blogging Rut

How to Get out of a Blogging Rut

Are you having a mid-blogger life crisis? This happens to me too especially when I see my engagement drop or when I start comparing myself to others. I’ve noticed many bloggers on Instagram are asking their followers what type of content they want to see more of. At first I thought this wasn’t a bad thing to do because it’s good to get insight. But after thinking about this longer, I found this isn’t good practice.

You’re probably thinking I’m wrong but hear me out. You gained your following from what you’re passionate about sharing, correct? And if you’re not gaining more followers/subscribers or keeping your followers engaged, that’s probably where asking them what they want to see comes into play. Or maybe you’re genuinely curious.

Now here comes the harsh reality, have you asked yourself “why” am I posting this? Who am I posting this for? Does it come across genuine and authentic where people can relate? Is there some type of takeaway my readers will get from this post? Or are you focused on how many Likes and Followers you’re getting? If you are, this is why you’re in a rut.

If you’re somewhat new to blogging or have been blogging for a couple of years, sticking to your niche/brand will help build your following quicker than trying to satisfy everyone’s whims. Think about why you follow someone or read a blog. It’s because you know that person is “about” something. They either trigger an emotion or share information that’s helpful to you.

One of my friends who’s been blogging and on Instagram for a year has expressed her frustrations to me about not growing her following as much and how her engagement has dropped. Because she’s a personal friend, I know what’s going on in her life. She has some pretty unique things that she’s done which would make great content. I told her to share it.

Look, not going to lie, I’ve been on both ends. I’ve created content that I was truly passionate about sharing. Then there were times I posted things just to post based on what other popular bloggers were doing. Yes, I drank the “blogger juice” and guess what? My content that I posted where I was just “doing me” received more engagement. This isn’t “new” news. We’ve all heard/read this tip from successful bloggers and social media pros.

So how do we get out of this blogger rut when it happens? Below is a simple and savvy list that I use to help me out when I’m in a blogger funk.

  1. Ask yourself if WHAT you’re posting is bringing VALUE to your readers/followers
  2. Don’t post something just to post something, take a break if you have to
  3. Share your KNOWLEDGE and/or EXPERTISE about a topic of interest you’re passionate about, this brings out your personality
  4. Write about something that STRIKES an emotion. The emotion should strike you first.
  5. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, DO YOU. I know this is easier said than done but try to put blinders on, you’ll be more productive.
  6. Stay CONSISTENT and don’t keep switching up things, this leads to confusion, feeling like you’re running on a hamster wheel and creates blogger’s block and paralysis.
  7. Think about WHY you read other blogs, follow someone on IG or watch videos on YouTube. Usually it ends up being two reasons: It has valuable information you can apply to your life – or – it strikes an emotion from “oh this is pretty” or “this is funny” maybe it’s inspirational or motivational … get it?
  8. Enlist a few blogger friends for SUPPORT because our SO’s don’t understand what the heck we’re talking about

I love supporting other bloggers and with that said, I’ve created the Savvy Social Squad. It’s a private Facebook Group for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Every week there will be a post where you can give each other comment love on a new blog, IG or YouTube post. It won’t be complicated and you won’t have to comment on a gazillion posts. I’m making it super simple. Also, I’ll be posting a video once a week answering your questions and sharing more blogging and social media insight. I’ll also be sharing some of the mistakes I made along the way, how much I really get paid from brands and a whole lot more that I don’t see other bloggers sharing.

Click HERE to join, the only MUST HAVE is that you are actively doing one of the following: blogging, Instagram or YouTube (or all is fine too).

Savvy Social Squad

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  • Thank you for sharing these ideas! It happens to all of us. So much good stuff here girl!


  • HAHHA WHO in the world could this friend be??? 🙂 I love this advice and I’m working on more personal experiences, authenticity and posts that hopefully others can take away from or apply to their lives too!! Thanks for being a great source of inspiration and encouragement! See you today! xoxoox

  • I loved this post, and it was something I was dealing with very recently. I found by not being inspired, it was a domino effect of not being consistent, etc… and it was detrimental. At the end of the day, there is only one you so be fiercely you! Once I really started finding my fire, things really started to fall into place and I got my blogging groove back 😉 Great post! x Shannon ||

    • I’m so happy you got your groove back Shannon. I actually wrote this post because I feel a little less inspired these days. But I think it’s because my “real” life work has been a bit crazy these days. I would love for you to join my FB group, hope you do. Here’s the link:

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Great read….I agree with being true to yourself and not just following the blogger train.

    • Yes girl, so hard to not jump on the blogger train, it happens sometimes. Thanks for reading this post, xx

  • shannon shipman

    its so frustrating because the times that i am the most personal (vulnerable) is where i get the most engagement, but it is so hard to be so brutally open….with the internet lol but all of this is so true! xo

    • I know it always works that way. That’s why when we connect in person as women, we share our stories so that we can relate. I know that’s on a more intimate, personal level, not so public, so it’s easier to be vulnerable. But there is a way to share without oversharing so that way you don’t feel completely exposed. Btw, did you join my FB group? Would love to have you:

  • Astrid Armijos

    Thank you for all the tips! I am definitely going through that right now. Also requested to join the group.

    • Aww so glad you joined Astrid! Sometimes taking a break from blogging and social media can help. I do and it’s helped me realize my life is so much bigger than just blogging/social media. xx

  • Brigita Potocki

    Loved the post and all the tips! Sometimes it can be hard for a blogger to accept the truth, but it’s not the end of the world 🙂


  • Jamie Lynn

    Thanks for starting the group. I have another tab open as I type this to join! I am always comparing myself to other plus size and even non plus size bloggers. I see how many followers they have and think I will never have that many. I also worry that my photos aren’t that good, my husband takes my pictures for me and it’s hard to get him to do what I want. I have only been doing this for a few months now, so hopefully the more times that passes I will get a better idea of what I am doing.

    • I’m so glad you joined Jamie, thanks! My suggestion with photos is to find a friend or blogger in town to take photos. In regards to blogging, convey what you’re passionate about and be smart with hashtags and engaging with others online. Your followers will find you.

  • Nicole Vick

    Great post! Good tips as well. The point about not asking followers what they want to see made a lot of sense.

  • The Midwest Wife

    This is such a wonderful post! Sometimes it is so easy to get into a rut and these tips are definitely something I’m going to implement. I love the idea of talking to another blogger. I’m sure SO’s are caring and helpful, but other bloggers definitely understand!