Neiman Marcus Men’s Fall Preview 2015

Neiman Marcus Men’s Fall Preview 2015

The key to menswear this Fall is about mixing textures from leather, checks, denim, velvet and cashmere. To complete an outfit, add stylish shades and a slick pair of shoes. Key investment pieces to consider are a quality leather man bag (backpack, messenger, soft briefcase), statement bracelet, watch, dress sneaker, leather jacker, slim cut blazer, pocket square, colored denim jean/pant and cashmere scarf.

Color trends for men this fall that will carry over into winter and even next year’s fall/winter seasons are deep reds, purples, dark greys, white/creams and camel. These tend to be classic colors with a few exceptions. Try a monochromatic look with one of these colors with different shade levels. For instance, if you use charcoal grey as your base color (say your pants), add a piece in a lighter shade of grey (shirt) and a darker shade (jacket), with accents of black (accessories – scarf and shoes). This gives your outfit depth with an overall monochromatic vibe.

alejandro yanez, maria von losch

The man behind the styling, Fashion Valley Neiman Marcus stylist Alejandro Yanez

mens fall fashion neiman marcus 3

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mens fall fashion neiman marcus

maria von losch savvynista fall preview

neiman marcus fall preview


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