How to Style Brooches and Pins

How to Style Brooches and Pins

Pins a.k.a. brooches have made a comeback amongst the stylish in my opinion. I’ve seen so many updated designs that aren’t grandma style. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I call those pins┬ávintage. There are savvy ways to style and wear brooches that look fresh and chic.

I’ll get on a kick with certain accessories and after I’ve collected way too many of said item, I’ll move onto the next. For now I’m obsessed with brooches. It started around Fall of 2016 and carried over to the new year.

Below are a few ways to wear brooches. You can pin them on handbags, a choker necklace, in the middle of a skinny scarf to make it a choker-like, on lapels (duh) but in multiples, on sleeve cuffs use small brooches if you have matching ones. Get savvy, use your imagination and let me know how you styled them. Tag me on Instagram @savvynista.

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  • Jannine Pampu

    So many great ways to wear brooches! I really like the choker and scarf ideas.

    Xo Jannine |

    • MVL

      I know, right Jannine? Thanks for reading, xo

  • Melissa

    Thank God I know you. You are sheer genius and have opened up my mind!! Your ideas are just plain and simple: amazing. Why didn’t I think of them?! Thanks for opening my eyes to the broad use of brooches! Whooohoo!! Jumping online to shop for some. I love your selection of buyable ones you featured btw Maria!! You make it so easy! Xoxo, M

    • MVL

      LOL…you crack me up Mel. Love to see what type of brooch you end up getting and how you style it. XO