Summer Skincare with Lumene Lähde Collection

Summer Skincare with Lumene Lähde Collection

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the Lumene team for an introduction to their Lähde collection, perfect timing for my summer skincare. They created the most beautiful space at Lombardi House in Los Angeles which included morning yoga, an overview of their Lähde range and a Nordic brunch. Lumene has been around for many years, I remember buying their skincare in CVS. I loved the product back then and how affordable it was and still is! Last year I was introduced to their newer collections, SISU and VALO, which I absolutely love.

The newest addition to my beauty cabinet and skincare routine is Lähde meaning ‘source’. This range helps promote continuous hydration and restores your skin’s healthy radiance. What impresses me about this brand is they source and use the purest, most potent and natural ingredients to create skincare that really works. During our brunch I also learned that all of their packaging is labeled with the percentage of naturally derived ingredients, most ranging from 75% to 98%.

Lumene is located in Finland and uses ingredients straight from the Nordic region. They use Arctic spring water and Nordic birch sap in their Lähde products. According to the United Nations World Water Development report the water in Finland is the purest in the world. Situated in Lapland, the water from Lumene’s secret natural spring is sourced directly at the spring’s mouth so it remains untouched by man and free from pollutants. It’s the only brand in the world to tap into this spring.

Harvesting Nordic birch sap is a precise process. The sap is collected in the spring during a 2-3 week window when the trees roots are full of winter-preserved energy stores. These trees are sustainably cultivated and their nectar is rich in everything your skin needs to look and be healthy. I’m such a beauty geek when it comes to learning about specific skincare products, I was in heaven at brunch with all this knowledge.

I’m still blown away at the price point for this skincare line with the precision and ingredients to make each product. Best thing is that you can buy Lumene from Ulta, select Walgreens and CVS stores.

* This post was written in collaboration with Lumene. All opinions expressed are of my own. Photos provided by Lumene.