Save Your Hair with Less Washing & Dry Shampoo


Personally, I only wash my hair twice a week because I have long hair and realized it’s healthier and manageable when I do. In between washes I freshen up my hair with a dry shampoo. I switch between 3 different brands (Klorane, Batiste, Rene Furterer) and have literally tested all of them on the market to find which one’s work best on my hair.

My friend Carrie White, hair goddess to the stars and author of Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life shared this with me, “Washing too often takes the paint [color] off, depletes the natural oils and washes your hair thin. I say rinse your hair every other day really well and wash with shampoo twice a week because you can’t buy those natural wonderful oils. Unless if you work in the coal mines or a crazy wild sports person then wash your hair daily.” Carrie continues with, “Dry shampoos work well too. But hair any longer than ears length, I say calm it down girls, no need to wash it everyday. Get creative with your hair styling.”

Maria Losch & Carrie White author of Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life